5 Things to Do Before the Birds Start to Sing

For early birds, morning is the most pleasant time of the day. Maybe because the surrounding is fresh and healthy, or there are a lot of fun things to do in the morning as well. Here, we have a list of activities you can do if you are an early morning person.

1.Hit the Gym

Earlier, I thought of going to the gym for getting in shape, I later realized there was more to it. Hitting the gym not just helps you get your dream body, but also keeps you fit and healthy. That is probably the reason why fitness stops are popping up everywhere in Kathmandu. Gymkhana Muay Thai in Chakrapath, Fitstop Fitness in Labim Mall and Fitness Park in CTC Mall are some well-known gym centers which are open by 6:30 a.m.

2.Morning Walk

If exercises are boring to you, what about taking a walk around town? You can walk anywhere you want, and there are only a few vehicles in the morning. Tundikhel has been one popular walk destination if you’re from the capital city, but Nepal being rich in cultural sites, there are BoudhanathStupa, Pashupatinath, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, SwayambhunathStupa, Budhanilkantha Temple, and many other spots you can go for a morning walk.

3.Do Yoga

Yoga keeps you mentally and spiritually stable, and not just physically fit. There are a number of yoga studios around Thamel, or you can watch yoga tutorial videos on YouTube, also, www.bookyogaretreat.com has yoga retreat packages you can book at 76 places within Kathmandu. Early morning yoga warms up your digestive system and help nutrients move more easily through the body, causing it to metabolize carbs and fats more quickly.

4.Go Swimming

I recently joined swimming classes, and to my surprise, I found a huge number of people coming to swim in the morning. It is a really good all-round activity. Almost all the hotels in the capital have a swimming pool, so, you don’t have to worry about where to swim. Here are some hotels we recommend: Hyatt Regency, Hotel Shanker, Hotel Mulberry, Hotel Shambhala, Summit Hotel, Park Village Resort, and Annapurna Hotel.

5.Eat Nepali Breakfast

Nepali breakfasts never disappoint me. Maybe because of our cultural diversity, we have a variety of dishes to eat for breakfast, from Tibetan to Newari. Being an early person, you can stroll around Patan or Basantapur for Newari breakfast, where you should definitely try gwaramari. If you visit Boudha, you’ll find Tibetan breakfast being served in local cafes. Aloo and roti is a must try combo. Also, other restaurants offer jerry-swaari, aloo-chanaa, samosa-tarkari, and puri-tarkari for breakfast. You have a list of food to eat early in the morning for a week now.