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January 2017

  • Nepal's Environment Is Getting Better...Really!

    Amulya Ratna Tuladhar

    In many regions around the world, more so in less developed countries, ecological degradation is usually considered to be a given. But Nepal’s scenario is quite different, it’s quite encouraging, actually! We are used to bemoaning that everything is getting worse in Nepal. Oh yes. Politics? Down the tubes! Economics? Forever poor!  Pollution? Oh, the air is unbreathable in Kathmandu! And the environment? Ooops … deforestation, denudation, glacier melt, erosion, fragile mountains, losing ground, and wasn’t the Nepal Himalayas getting washed away to the Bay of Bengal to make new islands off Bangladesh? But, no! Evidence is accumulating

  • Two Novels about Nepal

    Two Novels about Nepal

    Don Messerschmidt

    On Sherpa speak, and a ‘coals to Newcastle’ effect I recently read a YA ‘thriller’ entitled ‘The Everest Files’, by Matt Dickinson. The cover blurb on this Young Adult novel (ages 12-20) shouts: ‘A Missing Teenage Climber. A Trail of Deadly Clues. Mystery on the World’s Highest Peak’. It’s

  • A Day in the Life of

    A Day in the Life of

    Kashish Das Shrestha

    Mr. Jawed Ashraf''s book ,'A Day in the Life of Kathmandu' is not a political reflection of a diplomat from one of Nepal’s most important neighbors; it is simply an honest and a passionate photographic homage to Nepal.  The glorious madness of Ason at dusk; it hits you

  • Kondo Baje's Fruitful Journey from Niigata to Mustang

    Kondo Baje's Fruitful Journey from Niigata to Mustang

    Sambid Bilas Pant

    Like the poets who dream of flowers blossoming in the desert, Toru Kondo, widely known as Kondo Baje, was a poet-cum-pomologist who dreamt of growing rice in the trans-Himalayan arid climate of Mustang. He worked like an artist, bringing together wild and domestic fruits to create new species that flourished

  • Over the Boulders, towards Manang

    Over the Boulders, towards Manang

    Dibesh Dangol

    CEO Kishore Maharjan of Civil Bank took his Mahindra Scorpio over the boulders and towards Manang a month and half back. ECS Nepal interviewed him to know more about his experience, and what it was like on the north side of the Annapurna range. Kishore Maharjan has an experience

  • Carrying Forward the Koirala Legacy

    Carrying Forward the Koirala Legacy

    Sambid Bilas Pant

    Instituted in 1991, the B.P Koirala Foundation (BPFK) carries forward the legacy of B.P Koirala. The foundation aims at fostering the relationship between India and Nepal through a host of activities in the fields of literature, poetry, cinema, music, and research. Very few do, and even fewer

  • Baking with Head and Heart

    Baking with Head and Heart

    Evangeline Neve

    Chef Fredy will soon be heading to his next challenge, in Uzbekistan, but he’s already planning a trip back to Nepal to make sure that his protégés are keeping up a high baking standard. We can’t wait to welcome him back!  The first time I met Chef

  • A Part  of My Life,  My Trusted Steed

    A Part of My Life, My Trusted Steed

    Amar B Shrestha

    A significant part of the growing up years, the bicycle was indispensable in conducting everyday life.  Man has always looked for some sort of transportation to get him from point A to point B faster. How could I be any different? It was the 1970s. I was

  • A Deep Story:The Musical Journey of Deep Shrestha

    A Deep Story:The Musical Journey of Deep Shrestha

    Sambid Bilas Pant

    His journey began at Radio Nepal, where he started singing for Rs.10 per song. It was there that he was offered some great opportunities to record and explore his musical self with a great deal of independence. The fondest memory of my childhood was watching my grandfather weaving janai