Closer to Heaven: Rocking at G’s Terrace

Happening Issue 57 Jul, 2010
Text by Dinesh Rai

“So Far Away from me; you’re so far away from me”, sang the lead singer of the band “Strings” as we walked into G’s Terrace Restaurant & Bar in Thamel. We were far above the road— on the terrace, three floors up. That’s where you ought to be in the heat and humidity of a mid-summer evening. The cool breeze that brushes you brings welcome relief as the band moves on to a more pounding beat of “Honky Tonk Woman” a classic Stones hit of the ‘60s. The band reaches back a whole generation to give us music that their fathers grew up listening to, if they listened at all. But then they also suddenly remind us of the recent past as they belt out a Thamel favorite, “The One I Love” and the crowd sways with the music.

A good mix of tourists and locals gives the place a lively atmosphere and the constant breeze lends an outdoors feel. G’s Terrace is known for its live music as the sound carries down the road to the Thamel crossing beside Kathmandu Guest House and beyond. They need not advertise the band; the sound tells all and sundry something’s happening up there. The music starts at 7:00 pm and their sound is tight and punchy. After all, Strings has been playing here for more than six years although a major shake up of the line up has taken place over the years. Not many bands can be like the Stones—forty years together! This line up has been together for about 2 ½ years and they are: Pison Khadgi on vocals, Dimod Dongol on guitar, Deepak Pradhan on bass, Saroj Shahi on guitar/vocals and Ratna Tuladhar on drums. Pison’s high-powered vocal fills up the terrace as he improvises on the standards. The band’s sound is strong and there’s a lot of confidence in their playing. The guitars pack quite a punch and the crowd seems happy. The hard- hitting drummer does his bit to give the band a solid rock feel.

With about 14 tables, there’s ample room on the terrace, but there’s more room inside and a TV for those who want other forms of entertainment as well as softer music. Further inside lies the bar, which alone could house a restaurant. There’s so much space here. One of the popular joints in Thamel, G’s Terrace has been one of the most consistent when it comes to presenting live music. That’s what brings Thamel alive.

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