A World of Natural Health and Beauty

Happening Issue 63 Jul, 2010
Text by Baishali Bomjan

Rainbow Craft employs over 30 women and their products range from exquis-  ite raw silk shawls, cosmetics, and pouches to functional carrier bags which are all carefully handmade, using special ethnic Nepali Dhaka, satin and silk materials. The company specializes in sewing and beading of various products and was established in 1997. Rainbow Craft was born out of Josephine Tan’s desire to help an abused, abandoned woman and her hungry child also supports a woodcarving project in its sales and marketing.

Josephine’s next venture was TouchNature, which was set up to develop other skills such as making of soap, natural liquid hand and body wash, decorative and aromatherapy candles as well as beautiful display boxes and Nepali paper. She says, “TouchNature holds regular workshops and training programs to impart skills, encourage and provide stable employment to women, especially single mothers and widows and produce marketable products to achieve sustainability and financial independence through its sales.”

An environmentally conscious project, at TouchNature, no animal testing is employed- they have also been audited by the international Fair Trade Federation for their humane and safe working conditions. In addition they craft their products individually, using fresh and natural ingredients of high quality so that their customers get the best. The project currently supports over 30 women and their families, offering a range of work and social activities. TouchNature’s products are exported mainly to Sweden, France, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore and they also supply them to retail stores, restaurants, spas, hospitals and individuals.

Green Leaf, a business focusing on the extraction and purification of essential oils and fragrances was newly incorporated in 2005. An herb nursery has been started for cultivation of essential oil-rich herbs- the products of Green Leaf are used as key therapeutic ingredients for TouchNature products. Complementing these, a café and an aromatherapy spa whose natural health services are highly sought after has been set up in Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur. With a newly opened showroom in Thamel and plans to open another in Lazimpat, there’s no stopping Josephine for whom life’s on a roll. “I am a businesswoman with a passion for social work and coming to Nepal has been a dream come true for me, because I have been able to do both with my projects here,” concludes the Founder/Director Tan.

Their products include

  • n  Handmade Bar Soap- TouchNature  soaps are a natural alternative to commercially produced soap products. Instead of synthetic perfumes and chemical ingredients, they use only natural essential oils and pure vegetable oils - olive oil to moisturize the skin; sunflower oil, rich in vitamin E, to nourish the skin; and coconut oil to create the soft, luxurious lather in TouchNature soap. Furthermore, their soaps are free of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), treat eczema and are even gentle enough for babies. The primary benefit of their handmade process is that they are able to retain all of the natural glycerin within the soap, which softens and moisturizes your skin – naturally!
  • Natural Liquid Soap- Tailored to suit different skin types, TouchNature liquid soaps do not contain detergents, the most common of liquid soap ingredients. TouchNature liquid soap has a concentration of 40 percent soap and 60 percent water in comparison to commercial ones that are commonly 20 percent soap and 80 percent water. Thus, TouchNature soap cleanses better and is protects your skin more.
  • Candles- Handmade scented candles are available in various sizes with seven different fragrances to choose from.  In addition, boxed sets of 4 assorted candles are available.
  • Nepali Lokta Boxes- Their lokta paper box sets are perfect as gifts. Each box is handcrafted and custom fit for TouchNature products.
  • Pine and Chiffon Sets- TouchNature soaps are also available in classic chiffon material in matching pastel colors. These make beautiful and elegant personal gifts. This is a favorite for weddings and as a corporate gift. Also popular are their lokta-wrapped soaps shipped with pinewood soap racks. They come economically packed for long shelf life, or specially packaged in a variety of natural locally obtained wrappings and gift sets.

For further queries or involvement as volunteers, part-timers, freelancers, retailers:
Showroom, Jhamsikhel: 5537743
Office: 5200651
Email: rccep@wlink.com.np
Website: www.touchnature.com