Luxurious and wild

Getaway Issue 147 Feb, 2014

If you want to pamper yourself with simple luxury close to nature, head to Kasara Jungle Resort

Kasara is not your usual jungle resort. Situated at Patiyani in Chitwan, this retreat is a lot closer to nature than you think. The moment you enter its premises, you feel a different sense of calmness and excitement. Part of it has to do with the resort adjoining the Community Buffer Zone and Chitwan National Park, and part of it has to do with the earthy ambience of the place itself.

There are 35 deluxe villas with comfortable double or twin sharing beds and small private water gardens. The roof of the lobby in each villa is open and so is a part of the bathroom. There are two VIP bungalows (which will be readied by March), each with a plunge pool and kitchen along with king and queen size beds. Separate staff for the bungalows are also provided. 

The outer walls of the villas are paved with mud while the surroundings greet you with earthen wares, bamboo curtains and baskets. All the products used in the décor are Nepali, traditionally so. Very noticeable is the lack of TVs in the rooms because the resort wants you to experience the natural backdrop exclusively. 
For the adventurer in you, Kasara provides the opportunity to spot local wildlife through a number of methods. The Elephant Safari, Jeep Safari, bird watching and jungle walk are led by the resort’s naturalists, all experts at spotting animals. They will not only quickly point out sun-bathing gharials but also give you the names and characteristics of chakhewa and other birds a  few meters away from the endangered creatures. You can then return to the resort for a spa or massage to relax and calm yourself after all the excitement. There’s also the option of canoeing if you want to be closer to the crocodiles. The evenings can be used to learn about local Tharu culture through village walks/cycling and cultural programs. One of the best aspects of the resort is that most of the staff are locals which gives you an added advantage while learning about their ways. 

Dining is another experience at Kasara with Continental, Indian, Chinese and other international dishes on offer and, of course, Nepali cuisine too. The daal-bhat-tarkari certainly tastes better here and so do a lot of the other food items (pizza, spaghetti) as they use local organic products, most of which will soon be grown in their own farm. The bar, perfect for chilling out with friends in the evening, serves a dual purpose; it can be also turned into a library during daytime. There’s an extensive selection of wines with 50 different labels of whites and reds.
For the most part, Kasara Jungle Resort provides you with the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the beauty of the area. The retreat has been designed to merge directly with the surrounding landscape in a seamless blend of comfort and nature. Visit Kasara Jungle Resort to experience the beauty of the natural world during that much needed break you so deserve.