Which food from home do you miss the most?

Food Issue 195 Jan, 2018
Text by Barsa Thapa

It’s been eight months since I left Nepal. There are many things that I miss; my family and friends, to begin with. But, along with it, there are some things that I never knew I would be longing for again. Eight months in a new country, yet I still remember the taste of laphing, and the joy it used to bring. I find myself imagining my way from my home to the laphing places, and how excited I used to be to eat it. Laphing is usually found in Boudha, but after how popular it got amongst the Nepali people, it can now easily be found in places you would have never imagined. Having to pick a particular favorite laphing place is quite difficult for me.

I enjoyed the laphing at Civil Mall and City Center because they used to serve it with peanuts. The taste used to be so different from the ones in Boudha, yet equally mouthwatering. Having lived in the Chakrapath area of Kathmandu, the famous “Cool Brothers laphing” place in Ekantakuna was really far for me. It took me about 40 minutes to reach there on my scooter, but that did not stop me from going there twice or thrice a week. The laphing there, served with “chau chau” used to be my favorite. I used to go there so often that the owners of “Cool Brothers laphing” knew me well, and regarded me as their regular customer. I cannot really put into words how addictive it is to be a laphing lover, especially because you do not just get it in a convenient store or a restaurant near you easily.

There are some other foods that I definitely miss from Nepal like my grandmother’s cooking, momos, and the authentic taste of chicken chilly, but those are foods that I can at least try to replicate wherever I go in the world. Laphing, on the other hand, is different. Firstly, I would not even be able to attempt to make one by myself, and secondly, nothing can ever beat Kathmandu’s laphing places. Writing this has been difficult, because I am really craving some laphing right now, but I am counting down my days to come back home and go back to my normal habits of having laphing with my friends every two-three days of the week. Laphing is one of the foods that I always find myself recommending to any one visiting Nepal, because I think even if you do not prefer it, you should always try once to see if you could. It could change your life, I guarantee it!