There's No Success Like Failure: Two Businessmen and Their Failed Projects

Features Issue 63 Jul, 2010
Text by Dinesh Rai

Bob Dylan said,“There’s no success like failure, and a failure’s no success at all.”
In a world where success is glorified, we often forget the failures that taught us invaluable lessons, and that the most successful men in the world have also had a taste of failure. The fault may not be our own, but in this age of free enterprise, nothing is certain. You may have the most foolproof plan, but someone may pull the carpet from under your feet. Two successful businessmen, Shyam Kakshapati and Kishore Pandey, both built their enterprises from scratch. Neither started with an inheritance or in other words, ‘they did not step into their father’s shoes’. Pandey sought a career in the hospitality industry, climbed the corporate ladder to the top and set out on his own. Kakshapati on the other hand, stepped into the world of business at an early age and went on to start a chain of restaurants. In the following pages, we delve into their personal stories of successes and failures.