Where am I? "Pop Open Summer"

There are some places that don’t need promotion, because their existence itself has been the talk of the town for years.

One such place is this soda pasal. Guess where am I?

With summer here, it’s time for sodas again.And, there is just this one place where I like to go for a tall and refreshing glass. In a galli that leads to a courtyard on the way to one of the oldest cinema halls of Nepal,this soda place is filled with nonchalant laughter and idle chatter throughout the day. Over the years, I have come to this place with many of my friends and cousins. It’s one of the places that a tourist will definitely find refuge in with a tangy bubbly drink, because this shop in this little courtyard has always lived a cool cheerful life.

Long before Coca-Cola and Fanta became the thirst-quenchers in summer,sodas from this pasal were very popular, mostly with the cine-goers of Janasewa Cinema. Even my father, who often disguises himself in his strictures, used to be one of the kids who grew up drinking this bubbly soda with his friends. It is said, back in the day, the owners of this soda pasal used to deliver fizzy sodas to the Ranas, who enjoyed taking it a notch higher with champagne. Over the years, the shop moved around quite a bit before settling down in this place, where it has become one of the landmarks of New Road. Even now, this 78-year-old shop is where most youngsters and old friends hangout.

Although just an ordinary soda pasal, this shop has never failed to excite its customers with its different soda flavors. You can order a variety of sodas, from seasonal flavored fruit to a mix of taste. Go with mango or guava for a change, instead of the regular cola and lemon with a pinch of sea salt.This summer, pop open a marble soda here in this place and enjoy a ‘chilled’ summer.