The Manangis' Story

/ Photo: Amar D Rai

Almost 300 km northwest from Kathmandu lies the mesmerizing district of Manang. It is connected to the sacred shrine of Muktinath in Mustang district by a trail that goes through the Thorung-La pass, which at 5,415 m is the highest point on the world-renowned Annapurna Circuit trek. It is a trail that has been used since ancient times to transport herds of sheep and yak in and out of Manang. The region is blessed with breathtaking scenery, and the culture and lifestyle of its inhabitants (called Manangis) is totally different from that of people like us living in a metropolitan city. Here is their story.

A thrilling view of Old Manang from the road to Gangapurna Lake.

Homes in Manang made up of stones and wood.

A Manangi women in a buckwheat farm preparing for the upcoming winter season.

An elder Manangi women praying Om Mane Padme Hum with her Buddhist Prayer Wheel at Khansar, Manang.

Welcome to Manang!

I spy with my little eye, Mt. Gangapurna and Gangapurna Glacier in the background of this photo.

Mt. Annapurna IV (Left), Mt. Gangapurna (Right) and Gangapurna Lake

A small pond in Pisang, Manang.