An Ode to Mountaineers

Text and Photo By Prajwal Maharjan


TAAN is taking an important step to ensure that the tourism memorial park will be a place to remember and pay homage to the lives lost in the mountains.

TAAN is set to build a memorial park for all the lives that have been lost in the course of trekking and mountaineering in Nepal. The park, to be built at Chanpkhori of Kavre district, will be located on the top of the hill of Timal danda at 2130m. The site which is about 73 km away from Kathmandu will afford a 180 degree panorama view of Dhaulagiri to Mt Everest. 
The memorial park will house a tourism museum and the area around it will be have tree plantation to be individually named after the deceased trekkers/trekking staff and also their family members. 

What to See: 
Carving on the walls of a cave in the shape of the yogi’s body, phurpa (a weapon), sankha, dhangro (Drum), dhorje and Buddha Chitta.

Historical Importance:
The name Timal is derived from Ter Mala, the initial name of the place. It is believed that Timal danda is the place where Padma Sambhav had meditated during 8th century in a sacred cave which is now looked after by the locals. Buddha Chitta is a sacred mala to the Buddhist religion. It was only found in Timal Region until it became an important trade commodity. Now, it is being farmed in various region of Nepal, Tibet and China. A single piece of Buddha Chiitta can be priced from Rs 2000 to Rs 9 lakhs. 

Other Attractions:
Timal Region also offers Rafting in Sunkoshi, canyoning, off road biking, caving and sight-seeing. It also has 2 major hiking trails not very far from Kathmandu. The Great Buddhist Master Trail is a 4-5 days trek on goreto bato leading to under construction roads. The major places on this trek are Panauti, Namo Buddha, Kot Timal, Narayanthan and Nepalthok with the altitude range of 508m- 2130m. The other trail which is the, Mahabharat Rhododendron Trail is a trek of 5 days. The key places are Nepalthok, Phusregang, Katarche, Godhchuli, Deurali Monastry with the altitude of 515m-2265m. The trails are best to hike during entire season of autumn, winter and spring season.

A spectacular sunset seen from Timal Danda on the Timal trekking trail.