Get Out Exploring with North Face

Adventure Issue 184 Mar, 2017
Text by Evangeline Neve

“Never Stop Exploring” is the slogan that The North Face adopted way back in 1997, and it’s become more and more relevant to their brand as time has gone by. It all began in 1966, when two hiker friends in California decided to open a small retail store that specialized in mountaineering gear. By 1968, they were designing and manufacturing their own supplies and gear, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In the 40 years that have followed, The North Face brand has become synonymous with quality gear and innovative materials. From sponsoring major expeditions to just making it easier for the average person to find the supplies to make their dreams easier to access, and everything in between, they’ve become to go-to brand for the active, as well as the adventurer, explorer, and traveler. 

Their recent launch is all about shoes—the new Ultra Series, which is aimed at a more casual style of trekker. If you’re planning a major trekking trip, more complex and high-tech gear and sturdy footwear are quite likely to be needed. But, this new line of shoes is aimed at those who just want to slip something on and get out there with a minimum of preparation for a quick and casual hike. This is something that will appeal to those who have busy work schedules and want to get away for a short while on the weekend. It’s also ideal for young people who want to dip their toes into the hiking lifestyle. With a minimal investment, you can just get out there. 

There are three different models in the Ultra Series. Their main claim is being lightweight, while still offering great protection. The inner parts use Gore-tex to ensure waterproofing and breathability, and the Vibram rubber soles provide a strong grip, whatever the road surface might be, wet or dry, rock or sand. 

The three shoe models—Ultra GTX Surround, Ultra FastPack II Boa GTX, and Ultra FastPack II GTX—are now in Nepal and available for both men and women. A new pair of shoes can make all the difference in comfort for your feet, and additionally make you more likely to get out there and be more active. So, are these the ones for you? You might just have to go down and take a look, but whatever you wear, keep the exploring spirit strong!