Ragaanuvhuti: ...A Journey Towards Satisfaction

Music Issue 65 Jul, 2010

Usually vocal classical music can be quite unpalatable to the uninitiated. Not so this album. One need not be a classical music buff to enjoy these ragas. Sung in an uncommonly pleasing tone, without the excessive vocal acrobatics that often makes classical vocals difficult for most people to appreciate, this album is indeed different. Listen to this album, and get a feel of soothing classical music.

Rabin Das Shrestha is known in the classical music circles as someone who has a distinctive, melodious voice. Trained under the late Sangeet Praveen Shri Narayan Dhakal, he went on to complete his masters in classical vocal from Banaras Hindu University (BHU) in India. Although he has a busy schedule as a music lecturer at the R.R. Campus and a music teacher in the Do Re Mi music institute, he does find time to perform at concerts.

Maestro Shree Rabin Lal Shrestha had an early start learning the tabla from the age of nine. After receiving a scholarship, he completed his masters in music from I.C.C.R. in Delhi. Then while in Bombay (now Mumbai), he got the opportunity to train under Pandit  Suresh Talwalkar. Known for his distinctive style and clarity, he has taught at the Fine Art Campus and R.R. Campus. Today he is a creative soloist and also accompanies accomplished classical musicians.

Most often in this album, the tabla is subdued, letting the vocals dominate. Maestro Shree Rabin Lal excels in his tabla playing and exploits the spaces created for him by Rabin Das. Otherwise, he is content to play back up. Rabin Das occasionally slips into difficult technical passages that require years of practice, day after day. There is an aura of peace in his vocalization, which is infectious and permeates one’s mind. He maintains superb voice modulation through out the album, bringing joy to any serious listener. An ideal album for the uninitiated as well as the avid listener.

CD Courtesy: East Meets West Music Box, Thamel, Phone: 4256411