A Gift From The Heart: A Classical Delight

Music Issue 76 Jul, 2010
Text by Scott Berry

Defining music has never been easy, for it is intermingled with human feelings and emotions. People are bound to be enchanted and perplexed at the same time by the diverse meanings that this complex form of art holds in each individual’s life. And music definitely holds a special place in Celine Curi’s heart. She is the daughter of the critically acclaimed classical guitarist, pianist and saxophonist Antonio Curi. She shares with us her father’s passion for classical guitar and music in general, and allows us to be part of her secret journey of putting this CD album together for her father.

Celine came to Nepal four years back to work in an NGO. Recently she has also been pursuing a secret mission to get this album released, with the help of her friends from Dream Records (Nepal). The CD features Western classical guitar on ten soulful tracks, each a masterpiece. “Listeners will be soothed and enthralled by the album, since the mood is quite romantic, meditative and relaxing,” says Celine, who was raised under her father’s musical influence. When asked about being a musician herself she replies, “I am a dormant musician,” and laughs.

Time came to a soothing halt with Antonio Curi’s Gift being played as a backdrop. Yes! The title of the album itself might give us a hint as to why it was a secret journey for Celine. “The album was composed by my father around a decade ago, back in Italy. However, it was never published,” she recalls. “Because I enjoyed listening to it so much over the years,” she goes on, “I finally decided to put the  album together. It was previously recorded on a cassette. Thus, it was exciting to see the talented team of Dream Records transforming it to a full-fledged CD in high quality digital sound format.”

The artist’s previous works include Celine, My Romance and Guitar Collection by Antonio Curi. Besides composing his own music and being an eminent musician, Antonio also is a painter, sculptor, essayist, critic, novelist and poet. “He is a well-rounded artist and exudes great versatility, which is evident in his involvement in various fields other than music,” says Celine.

“This album has quality music and is classic in its truest sense, for it is a kind of music that will not fade away. Hence, it can be appreciated at any time,” Celine says. She plans to present her father with this special “Gift” on the occasion of her return to the United States. Best of Luck! 

Antonio Curi has won many awards for his music in Europe and America. He currently lives in Louisiana, in the USA, where he teaches French. His CD Gift can be purchased at East Meets West (Thamel), phone 98510.25.114 and at Music and Expressions (Thamel), phone 470.0092, 98510.94.238/9.