Editorial . February . 2018

Food—So Much More Than Just Nourishment


The Food Issue is back! Writing and reading about food—as well as eating it of course—is one of my favorite things, so I’ve been looking forward to this months’ magazine for some time now. It’s also memorable for me personally, since this issue marks one full year since I took over editorial duties here at ECS NEPAL. It’s hard to believe! Along the way, I’ve enjoyed the journey immensely, and am looking forward to seeing where it takes me next.


One very satisfying aspect of the editorial process for me has been the experience of discovering new stories and the writers who want to tell them; talented people who can talk to people I wouldn’t even begin to know how to find, and write things in a way that makes me light up with the joy of new knowledge learned. Stories like this months’ From Makai to Momo: Kathmandu’s Evolving Food Journey is one such story that blends personal narrative and history into a fascinating read.


Most of us like a good list, I think—something to run our fingers down and say, “Yep, been there,” or “Hey, that sounds good!” and in our cover story we’ve got a great one of you. Fifteen dishes from new(ish) places to eat that we’ve loved and think you will, too. I say newish because these restaurants, cafes, and eateries have opened from within the last few months to the last two years—within 2016 and 2017, mostly. So some of them might already be familiar friends to you. But we hope that there are some here you might not know yet that will pique your interest and become new favorites. It’s been an enjoyable story to work on and we’ve all spent quite a bit of time eating, talking and thinking about food. We hope the joy reflects in the pages you are holding in your hands.


We asked a few of our past regular writers, now abroad, to share their favorite food memories with us—what they remember, what they miss. Other writers still in Nepal wrote about food in places like Janakpur, or a trip to the hills, meals with friends, and a search for a long-missed and much loved dish. One writer was able to indulge his love of sweets in a well-researched article about Nepal’s most popular sweet treats. And we meet one restaurant that is so passionate about what they put on their menu that they are willing to travel long distances in order to source ingredients and learn about the stories behind what we eat.


In reading through the articles to follow, I think you’ll agree with me that while this is an issue about food, it is actually about so much more than that. And that’s because food is usually never just about something to eat. It’s about heritage, family stories, personal and broader traditions, memories we have made, foods we have loved and the people that were with us when we ate them. And the list goes on.


Come with us and enjoy the food journey!


Evangeline Neve

Associate Editor