Editorial . February . 2017

Food for Thought

Over the years, a majority of the articles I’ve written for ECS have been about food. So there is a sort of serendipity in the fact that my first issue on the editorial team is this year’s Special Food Issue. 

It may be only fuel for some, but for a large number of us, it is so much more: that feeling as you sit around a table, sharing conversation, food, and laughter with those we care about; that unique dish your mother used to make for you that no one else can recreate; the joy of preparing something delicious for someone you love. 

Last year my sister and niece visited Nepal for the first time. We went places and saw many things, of course. But we also ate. A lot. Later, in discussing their trip, many of their most memorable moments involved our meals. We laughed about it, but I also wasn’t that surprised. Over the years, so many of my own most memorable moments have tied in somehow with food—why should this be any different?

In Nepal, food is imbued with even more significance than the personal feelings I’ve described. Not just family and friends, but also culture, religion, and history come into play with what is eaten, and when. The country’s many and diverse ethnic groups also each bring something different to the table in this regard, and while some of these foods have become national staples, there are others that have yet to be discovered by most of the rest of us. This issue aims to shed light on food and meals, known and unknown, in more detail, and contains some wonderful personal food memories by those from many walks of life. I hope it makes you curious and hungry to get out and try something new. 

Evangeline Neve

Sub- Editor