Editorial . January . 2017

The Bicycle Diaries

Saturdays, in my childhood, meant playing bhettai and cycling with my local friends. I would zoom down slopes on my red bicycle, and sometimes I would fall onto a heap of leaves. I have actually scarred myself dozens of times while riding my Hero bicycle. I have no idea where the cycle is today. I guess, like the idea of bicycling, it too has been long lost. Everything in life today is so purpose driven. 

My childhood, however, didn’t seek any purpose; it was my steed and my bubble world. I would peddle through alleys like crazy. Come to think of it, it’s been a while that I haven’t ridden any bicycles, I haven’t pampered my childhood fantasies, I haven’t zoomed down any slopes. 

With this issue, ECS NEPAL wishes to bring back that love for cycling, for bicycles that have been a core part of our childhood memories. We also include stories about mountain biking that today is making a mark for itself as an adrenaline releasing sport. We would also like to thank Anuj D. Adhikary, our fellow writer, who is a mountain biking enthusiast; it is also his network of cyclists that we explore in this issue. We hope you enjoy flipping through the stories we have put together. 

And we hope you will reconnect with your bicycles and drench yourself in the wonderful memories of your childhood. Enjoy a lovely ride!

P.S. Cycling is one of the best exercises to burn the fat you will probably gain this winter.

Srizu Bajracharya