Editorial . August . 2014

There is definitely a heroic tale in the stories of Aite Tamang, Bed Bahadur Sunuwar and Tirtha Tamang – three ultra-runners from Nepal who have been performing brilliantly at international ultra-marathons, making people wonder whether Nepali trail runners are the best in the world. Decide for yourself, as you read about them in this month’s cover story.

Have you read Isabella Tree’s book, The Living Goddess, yet? A reviewer’s copy of the book is currently being passed around from one ECS NEPAL team member to another, with a formidable waiting list. When the author was here in Nepal, contributing writer Kapil Bisht got the opportunity to meet and talk to her. Excerpts from the interview, one of our features in this issue, might be the push to pick up a copy of The Living Goddess if you haven’t already.

Our photo story on rice plantation is action-packed and the kind that will make you want to get in the fields and join in on the fun (and the hard work).

Talking about hard work, our team is working extra hard on the next issue, a special issue dedicated to the beautiful city of Pokhara. Please be on the look-out for our take on the city in the September issue.
Meanwhile, enjoy our August issue. Happy Reading!