Pakeeza Nite: Magical evening at Hotel Everest

Happening Issue 55 Jul, 2010
Text by Rishi Amatya

For most of the guests gathered at the Far Pavilion at The Everest Hotel, 12th May proved to be an enthralling night. Pakeeza Nite was indeed an enchanting form of entertainment celebrated with soothing music followed by a mujra, a dance recital program. The festivity was highlighted by a delicious culinary spread of tantalizing and delectable Northwest Frontier and Mughlai cuisines.

The venue, set on the seventh floor of the centrally located five-star hotel, The Everest, the Far Pavilion was truly stunning. With the in-house musical ensemble soothing the guests with all time favorite Indian oldies, the soul stirring and magically enticing wonderful gazals, it was really the event to soak in the magic that was the Pakeeza Nite. The whole ambiance of the place radiating the enchanting Mughal court with culinary delights spreading its aroma; the entertainment was truly one of a kind.

The Pakeeza Nite entertainment draws guests from all walks of life; with youthful hues painted all around, the show was appreciated and liked by old folks and female guests. The intimate settings, and homely atmosphere helps one relex and enjoy the comfortable seating. The highlight of the event was the mujra performance, a dance recital that truly captivated the audience with the timelessness of the whole act . 

Pakeeza Nite
Every Friday
Far Pavilion: The Everest Hotel  
4780100, Ext: 7811, 7812