Night Out in Thamel: Eastern Classical Nights at Jatra

Happening Issue 65 Jul, 2010
Text by Rishi Amatya

I have always wondered about the possibility of rain being invoked by an eastern classical song or tune for that matter. Legends are full of stories that talk of rain being invoked through the ‘megh malhar raga’. And if you’ve ever heard of the Mogul Emperor Akhbar, you’ve probably heard of the legendary music maestro Tansen as well. As folklore has it, he had power over natural elements through his songs. All these stories have over time built up the allure of eastern classical music.         

Nowadays rain being invoked by a song would be called off as old wives’ tale. But rain or not, you certainly cannot deny the charm of classical music once you hear ‘Rudrakhsya’. This trio will certainly blow you away with their music.

Rudrakhsya comprises three talented musicians who have mastered their respective instruments. They make classical music look so easy. Milesh Tandukar leads the rhythm section on the tabla, while Milan Tandukar,his brother is dazzling on the violin. Accompanying them is Ishwor Joshi on the Mohan Veena. Milan brings out beautiful yet almost haunting sounds from his violin. It’s unlike the deep sounds that characterize the instrument. He skillfully produces smooth middle and higher tones as his fingers move gently along the neck of the violin. It’s unlike the South Indian feel, which highlights the deep undertones and almost wailing type of sound of the instrument.

Ishwor Joshi accompanies them on the Mohan Veena. If you’ve never heard of it before, a Mohan Veena is a guitarlike instrument, which is played like a Veena, resting on the lap of the musician as he goes about playing it. The Mohan Veena produces the subtle sounds of a Veena and the warm sounds of a Hawaiian guitar. It’s melodious, indeed. Almost divine sounds fill the air as his fingers dance on the elevated frets of the Mohan Veena. Milesh puts up a tight rhythm section on the tabla.

The charm and the warmth of their sounds are unmistakable. The smooth and soothing music they play makes for easy listening complemented by the subdued lighting and peaceful ambience of Jatra. It’s the perfect place to enjoy eastern classical tunes churned out by the trio.  n Rishi Amatya

Fusion Music
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Jatra, Thamel.
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