Moksha: A Gift to Self

Happening Issue 190 Sep, 2017

Moksha: A Gift to Self

Few people know the secret of living life to the fullest. Those who do know, know that the secret is not something that can be read, but practiced. Every day.

“We put so much focus on our material belongings. Take your car, for example. If there’s a small dent in it, you go to great length to cover or clean it. You give it for servicing. You take care of it. But why don’t we do it to ourselves?” questions Sanjay Lal Kharel, Managing Director/Founder of Moksha Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center in Bakhundole, Lalitpur.

It is no secret that people nowadays have a very haphazard everyday routine, but it takes a toll in unexpected ways and affects who we are as a person. To understand how, we first need to know that our body can be divided into four different dimensions. “We can see the physical body, which houses many stories. Our mind, which is not just up here, is our whole consciousness, which is running all over our being. Then there is spiritual body, then, emotional. All of these are important, but our mind is the driver and defines our actions,” he says. And in this day and age, there are many ways that this can go wrong.

“At Moksha, we don’t just help people who struggle to hold their center. We are focusing on all four dimensions of health, especially working to ease your mind and reaching out to the other parts,” he explains. They do that in two steps. The first is to promote the client’s health and wellness by providing Ayurvedic services. The second is to address or heal a client’s issue, focusing more on the curative. They provide consultation based on a compatible therapy or exercise.

They have various programs like rejuvenation programs, restoration therapy, individual therapy, etc. for the very purpose. Rejuvenation program has various sub programs that’s tailored to meet the clients’ needs. Blissful health program and wellness program can be as long as an hour up to seven days, based on the client’s time, need, and the consultation the center provides.


Similarly, they offer oil massages or ‘abhyanga’ for head, foot, face, and spine, which will be advantageous for those seeking to relax and be stress-free. Of course, the prospect of a massage automatically gives one the image of loosening up. But the folks at Moksha do this task not with the confidence that they will be able to give the clients a good time, but with the understanding that the client him/herself needs to be honest to themselves. “Each client needs to be honest about how they deal with life as they know it, how they deal with stress at work, how they react to it, and what they think of it,” he says. “The more they are honest, the faster we can help them get to their goal.”

This isn’t easy, and neither are they trying to say otherwise. The very difficulty of this task and their persistence in assisting their clients to get there is what sets them apart. And, once they believe the client is well on their way, they have ample resources at their end to smoothen the process. After a client has finished the course, Sanjay shares that they politely give them a list of things that should be observed to prolong the effect of the practice. The center then follows up at appropriate time periods to check how the clients are doing and see their progress. “Something of an after sales service,” he says jokingly.

On enquiring how and why one should endeavor to continue the practice, he gives one tip. Imagine you are about to walk under the sun and you have applied sunscreen, thus saving you from future skin troubles. Persisting on a healthy path will help you avoid future difficulties. At the least, it will help you deal with the situations, and in the current scenario, it’s something all of us can practice.

There is so much more to self and the healing process that Moksha can help with. Fortunately, they have opened their doors to all those who are seeking blissful health wellbeing.