Lajana's Dances : Cultural Show in Lazimoat

Happening Issue 38 Aug, 2010

Cultural shows are one way of  getting to know the traditional dances of Nepal. Lajana Restaurant near Radisson Hotel in Lazimpat, showcases various dances from different ethnic groups such as Tamang Sello, Tyamkuli dance, Maithili dance, Bhojpuri dance, Magar dance, etc. They are mostly group dances and are very entertaining. The restaurant serves Nepali and Newari cuisine.

One has to follow closely, the gestures made by the dancers to understand what it is all about. One of the typical dances is a ‘Tamang Sello’. The male dancer tries to impress upon his female counterpart that since a long time, he has been in search of a suitable life partner. But luck has not favored him. The girl is shy and pretends not to hear. But the male is persuasive and not easily discouraged. He eventually wins her approval. Such meaningful dances make delightful entertainment and the music enlivens the atmosphere.

For details: 4413874, 4227975