Jawed's Magical Scissors : Haircare at the Radisson

Happening Issue 58 Jul, 2010
Text by Neha Bhoumik

Berina hosted a professional hair workshop at Hotel Radisson on 19th August with the renowned hairdresser Jawed Habib conducting the show. Over 450 professionals from various beauty parlors of Kathmandu attended the show to master the art of hairdressing.

A smiling Jawed started the workshop with his magical scissors in hand and livened up the event with timely jokes. He demonstrated his skills on one of the volunteers from the audience. The learners’ journey started with Jawed’s procedures of cutting and styling hair with the aid of his two skilled assistants, Rajiv and Naushad. The participating hairdressers were given points according to their performance in hair styling.

Some of the finer points in hairdressing, as explained by Jawed

were: Hair should be shampooed well and cleansed before a cut, to make sure the hair is hygienic and good; Hair should be distributed into horizontal, vertical and diagonal sections before a cut; The central parting is important to make hair cutting balanced and a tilted head gives a proper angle to the haircut.

During the demonstration, Jawed also described the importance of cutting different kinds of hair in different degrees (angles). For example, hair that is curly should always be cut at a 0° or a 180° angle and never at a 90° angle because hair cut at a 0° angle does not give it any step, movement, layer, elevation, bounce or graduation. For normal hair types, one can cut it anywhere between 0° to 180° angles and for straight hair it should be between 0° to 90° angles. He also demonstrated the process of drying hair by using his fingertips, which is called Finger-Drying.

The workshop was worth attending for the great ideas Jawed shared with the upcoming hairstylists of Kathmandu. It was more than a workshop, what with the addition of a fashion show and scintillating dance performances, it was entertainment for the attendants. Jawed Habib ended the show with the words, “I shall be back.”