Interior Elements

Happening Issue 61 Jul, 2010
Text by Preena Shrestha

John Keats said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” The desire to surround oneself with objects of beauty is inherent in all of us, and the study of environmental psychology reveals that the subtlest of touches that are pleasing to the eye - whether it is a brightly colored cushion or a photograph on the wall – will ultimately add to the effect our surroundings have on our lifestyle. And Dinita Gurung of Interior Elements is testament to this.

“To me, designing is all about detail,” she says. “Taking a conventional object and revamping it to create something different, that’s what I do.” In the premises of her house in Chakrapath, Dinita has put on display her numerous creations, all painstakingly done by hand. The room, small as it is, has been furnished in a consistent color theme, bringing out the very tiniest of decorative elements. Glass tabletops have been painted with beautiful designs, walls are adorned with unusual hangings, and vases embellished with a variety of patterns can be seen lining the floors – all very impressive. “I have an affinity for religious images, Ganesh in particular,” explains Dinita.

While a student of fashion designing at the International Polytechnic in Delhi, Dinita soon developed an interest in crafts. After a three-month crash course in art in Calcutta, she became more familiar with the techniques involved. She started out by making wall hangings as gifts for friends and family and the appreciative responses encouraged her to continue. “I never thought I’d go into business,” she remembers. “But people insisted I give it a shot.” Among the assortment of objects that she makes, it is the vases that stand out the most— simple shapes smothered in plaster and enhanced with sand or china clay, and painted in remarkable shades.

All of Dinita’s products are custom-made and therefore exclusive. “I don’t believe in mass-produced designs,” she says. “It’s having something that’s one of a kind that gives you a sense of attachment to the object.” Though duties at her father’s school keeps her more or less occupied, she still finds time for handiwork. Her clients usually specify the preliminary designs and details of what they want, which she then attempts to incorporate into her creations accordingly. Combining the effects of color and concept, Interior Elements certainly embodies the ideal of innovative freedom.