''Harmony Sculpture Symposium 2006

Happening Issue 58 Jul, 2010
Text by Dinesh Rai

Celebrating 50 years of Nepal Japan Diplomatic relations a sculpture symposium was organized at the NAFA grounds in Naxal. “Harmony” Sculpture Symposium was a 21-day program involving 21 sculptors to mark the 21st century in sculpture. Of the 21 sculptors, seven are from Japan and the rest from Nepal. The event kicked off on 29th July, with the participants taking up the challenge of transforming two chunks of marble into works of art. The marble pieces, each weighing more than two tons, were provided by Godavari Marble. Modern sculpture involves the use of electric tools and the place was abuzz with the whirring sound of cutters. The sculptors all wore masks to protect themselves from the cloud of dust surrounding them.

The Japanese sculptors were: Takeuchi Yoshihiro, Chiba Kei, Sugimoto Juni-ichiro, Hishida Nami, Hasegawa Toshihiro, Watanabe Hideaki and Mitsunori Ooma. The Nepali sculptors were: Proff. Govinda Narayan Jyapu, Sharda Man Shrestha, Narendra Bahadur Shrestha, Ram Krishna Bhandari, Pravin Kumar Shrestha, Pushpanjali Sherchan, Purna Kaji Shakya, Om Khattri, Indira Shrestha, Dr. Laya Mainali, Bhuwan Thapa, Narendra Bhandari, Sudarshan Bikram Rana and Raju Pithakote.

The completed sculptures will be put on permanent display in the following venues: Kathmandu University, Matatirtha, Martial Arts Center, Japanese School in Kupondol, Bishwa Bhasa College and 17 of them will be placed in the Bhrikuti Mandap garden as a sculpture museum. The aim is to make the latter a tourist destination complete with a café to attract visitors.