Relax and Read

Happiness is a cup of your favorite coffee, a good book, and the afternoon to enjoy them both.

Teahouses, cafes, and bars all fall into a similar sort, a place of business centered on serving a particular beverage, when the beverage in question is available at home at a much lower price. What these places are actually selling is the ambience, a place for social mixing, and service.

A person might not find his favorite companion by his side always, but he can find his favorite novel always with him. One doesn’t need a friend to go around with him always, he can also go out alone and chill with a hot cup of coffee and an amazing book. But, a cup of coffee and book is not always enough, a good ambience is also needed, and that criterion is fulfilled by the cafes.

There are a large number of cafes in Nepal with amazing ambience and a great cup of coffee. Here are 9 of the best:

Café Soma

A place that already existed, a make over that extended to name and ownership resulted in Café Soma; a small menu, and shelves full of bestsellers with intriguing names, as well as children’s reads with legendary references. A bookish café in the true sense, Soma also serves as a secondhand bookstore for people wanting to sell their books. It is stationed in Jhamsikhel, Kathmandu, and is best known for good coffee and great sandwiches and burgers. It has 19 varieties of coffee, and a big library with a variety of books.

Kori’s Garden, Boudha

Aside from serving a wide array of delicacies, Kori’s is famous for its burgers, which are deemed to be some of the best in town. The best part is their garden. One can go and spend some quality time, away from all the noise and pollution. If you need to do some reading, that would be the perfect place for you. 

Café Cheeno, Patan Dhoka
Café Cheeno is a snug little café where you can quench your gastronomic cravings and hunger for reading at the same time. They have a good selection of continental food, and their breakfast options are just incredible. You can enjoy their collection, and whether you want to buy the books and read, or borrow them while you’re there, is completely up to you. 

Read and feed restaurant, Thamel

Like the name says, this could be an ideal place for you to spend as much time as you want reading. They have a beautiful, large, and secluded garden on their premises, which is just perfect for some quiet reading time. The restaurant is attached to a bookstore, and what’s more, they have many exotic dishes for you to enjoy. 

Coffee Pasal, Durbarmarg
Go to Coffee Pasal for insane options in breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and if you want to read, there couldn’t be a better spot. It’s better to take your own reading material, unless you want to purchase their books. Their special hot chocolate is, indeed, special, and their spiced chai latte is something that you need to try.

Sara Bakery, Jawalakhel

Sara Bakery offers great coffee and cakes that leaves you wanting more. But, what is even greater is their space for anyone who wants to spend time and do their stuff there, especially reading. There is a separate, quieter room for those people, and you can even take one of their books and read. They sell books, too. Enjoy your time reading and drinking good coffee. 


If you’re looking for a place to drink exclusive coffee, while you flip between the pages, then Kaffeine is your haven. Their signature coffee drinks like the five-layer latte doesn’t only sound interesting, it’s equally amazing. Their lunch combos, again, are something that a foodie will enjoy immensely. They have an interesting collection of books, as well.

The Yellow House, Sanepa
If you want to read books to the sound of the soothing rain, then The Yellow House is where you should be. They provide breakfast and brunch till two in the afternoon, and after that, you can savor their varieties of drinks as you read. It’s the perfect place for monsoons. Doesn’t that sound good? 

Cafés and restaurants aren’t just places to eat and drink and make merry anymore. The Western culture is slowly taking over, and cafés and restaurants are becoming hotspots where people also head to get work done
and read. 

Bodhi Books and Bakes

It truly is a sanctuary, a quiet, snug place that titillates the appetites of both the epicurean and the erudite. It is a cozy place, serves excellent cakes, and has a collection of books that would make any bibliophile holler with excitement. One can easily spend an entire day just reading here, or otherwise engaging in intellectual chitchat. The café has a rich collection of cakes and pastries, all the recipes concocted by its owner, Bidushi Dhungel, who is a political columnist. There are many books you can choose to read from, as long as you read it there, and they even have books on sale. If you want to try something special, then try their blueberry apple pie. We hear it’s delicious.