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It is a pioneer Pancha Karma center, with a history of more than one and a half decades. It is the first Ayurveda treatment center established under quality German management.

Life is a functional union of sharira (body), indriya (senses), mana (mind), and atma (soul). A dynamic process that is ever changing, ever transforming, and cohesively functioning. Ayurveda is a consciousness-based science, where every phenomenon is evolving entity, a dance of mass and energy. This has been developed from natural laws and compiled during the state of higher aspiration by the ancient seekers and masters. It utilizes natural based products, lifestyles, and guidelines.

Ayurveda Health Home evolved following these teachings of Ayurveda. It is a pioneer Panca Karma center, with history of more than one and a half decade. It is the first Ayurveda treatment center established under quality German management. Before getting its name as Ayurveda Health Home, it was operating as Ayurveda Health Home and Research Centre since 1995. In 2001, it officially opened its first center in Dhapasi, Kathmandu. The center was initiated with the joint effort of Dr. Rishi Ram Koirala, Marlies Foerster, and Badri Koirala. Later, seeing the need for expansion, another center was commenced in Dihikopatan, Pokhara, in 2009. It was launched with the purpose of providing classical Panca Karma programs. The center has its own guest house to accommodate people for long programs. Another objective of the guest house is to provide Ayurveda meals, which have an important role in the success of the treatment programs.

Dr. Rishi.Ram Koirala, M.D. (Ay), is a renowned Ayurveda physician who has been practicing Ayurveda for almost four decades. Currently, he is also the chairperson of the National Ayurveda Research and Training Centre operating under Ministry of Health, Nepal Government. He has worked as a responsible person for different organizations operating nationally and internationally on plants and medicine and traditional medical knowledge. Dr. Koirala, along with his skilled and well-trained team of Ayurveda doctors and nurses, perform the daily monitoring activities in the center, and design personalized programs for each individual. The therapists go through rigorous training under the chief therapist, Badri Koirala, and Dr.Koirala, before they are allowed to actually give therapies to the guests.

The center provides consultation, counseling, and trauma healing and Ayurveda therapies and therapeutic treatments (for specific health conditions). For longer treatments, you can choose from Panca Karma and cleansing and rejuvenation programs. Each program is designed as per your health requirement. The therapies are curative, preventive, and promotive, so one does not have to be sick or unwell to undertake them. The oils and herbs used in the therapies are all prepared locally with natural ingredients. Also, as meals play an important part in our everyday health, pure vegetarian meals are served as per your body constitution.

“The treatment I have had here has been truly of highest professional quality, and I am very grateful for the efforts and support made in my speedy recovery,” says Rabi Mekhani from the U.K., who visited the center.

Since its day of commencement, people from more than 120 countries have visited this center till date. Understanding the need for physical and spiritual healing, the center believes in imparting therapies with a balance of professionalism, love, and care. The center also looks forward to providing its services in the new center slated to open in 2018 in Tarkeshor VDC, which is set in a peaceful and natural forest environment.

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