Silver Linings

Anyone can manufacture machine-made craft, but the skill of making them by hand is sacred.

In the market, machine-made jewelry and other craft are easily available, but the beauty preserved in handmade craft cannot be replicated by a machine. The time, dedication, and effort that the craftsmen put into these pieces add to their beauty and uniqueness, the touch of history and cultural significance making them all the more brilliant.

“Anyone can manufacture machine-made craft, but the skill of making them by hand is sacred. It’s passed from grandfather to father, father to son, and can be only acquired through years of practice and refinement. You need to be very good, and you need to know the technique,” remarks Gopal Krishna Maharjan, the sales manager of Yak & Yeti Enterprises. “In the beginning, this line of trade was very difficult. The work of crafting was only passed down to Sakyas and Bajracharyas, and their family members would have the most refined skills that no one outside their communities could replicate. Slowly, the market began expanding with time, and this line of trade has now vastly developed.”

“People come from all over the world to Nepal not for machine-made jewelry, but rather, the handmade crafts. You can find machine-made items all over the world, but only in Nepal do you find beautifully handcrafted materials and the rich traditions behind them. That is why we provide them with the market and continue to develop ourselves,” he continues.
Incorporating both Western and traditional designs, this enterprise provides you an array of choices, along with the option of creating your very own personalized item on request. “We ask the craftsmen to bring us designs, sometimes we give them designs ourselves, and out of the designs, we select the ones that would satisfy our client’s needs the best. After that, we discuss how we can expand and develop upon this design in the market. Some of our designs are influenced by religious symbolism, such as Aasta Mangal carvings and elements of Buddhism.”

Another point to be noted is that they do not reuse the personalized designs for other customers, making your personalized item all the more unique and special.

They offer a variety of jewelry items, such as locket pendants, necklaces in a variety of lengths and sizes, rings, bracelets, and many more, using the finest of silver and the most refines gemstones imported from India. They also make jewelry from other metals such as brass and copper, though they mainly specialize in silver jewelry.

Even though they are slightly higher priced than your average machine-made silver jewelry, they have reasonably affordable prices for their mesmerizing creations, and when you think about the time that has gone into making them, you’ll find that they are definitely worth the cost.