Making a statement with the gods

Text by Pooja Pradhan

Statues of deities are not just for worship, they can also be used to make a statement. If you’re looking for that one perfect idol to do just that, Rajib Handicraft might be the right place to drop by

The winding and confusing alleys of Patan hide a gem of a place - Rajib Handicraft.  Located at Okubahal, Mahaboudha, the two floors that Rajib Handicraft occupies is a treasure trove awaiting your discovery. One of the first handicraft shops in Okubahal, the store was started by Rajib Shakya’s father some thirty or so years ago, albeit under a different name. With fourteen years of experience in the business, Shakya has a firm grasp of quality and artistry and this knowledge echoes in each of the statues here. Dealing mostly with idols of Buddhist deities, customers can nevertheless request statues of Hindu gods to be built as per their order. However, custom made idols can take up to seven or eight months for completion, especially if the statue in question isn’t something that has been made before. This is because each item is created using traditional methods. From the wax molds to the finishing touches, everything is done in their factory.

Because they actually use traditional methods, you can be assured that the gold plating in your statues will not shed unless you decide to give them a vicious scrubbing.

Though they mostly make gold plated copper statues, you can also opt for silver figures or idols with stones embedded and even ones that are painted. They also have copper statues that have an oxidized finish, something that is gaining popularity nowadays. Apart from the store in Okubahal, Rajib Handicraft also exports to Tibet, Russia, Malaysia, Holland and Australia.

The next time you are in Patan searching for traditional accessories, keep Rajib Handicraft in mind. While browsing the store do make sure to look at every nook and cranny for who knows you just might find the perfect piece for your home.