Change, Inclusion and Diversity

Bookworm Issue 121 Nov, 2011
Text by Anil Chitrakar

The only thing that is certain is change. We all know this and yet we pretend to be in control of everything, all the time. It is an illusion. When the most profitable trade routes passed through Kathmandu, the Newar traders were rich. When we relied on rock salt from Tibet, the Thak Khola area prospered. When the trade moved to the sea and we began to use sea salt, only those who were willing to change continued to prosper. When the Araniko and Prithivi Highways were built, the value of property in Bhaktapur and Bandipur took a turn for the worse; people left for greener pastures. When both these towns were restored and domestic and international tourism increased, both of these destinations became the most livable places in Nepal. The stories and images in this book tell us the wonderful story of change such as this.

Peace is often defined as the absence of conflict. But we all know
that peace is much more than this. If we go back to the days before
the armed conflict began, we will recall that there was huge disparity
among people and exclusion of certain sections of Nepali society. Some were excluded by a lack of infrastructure, yet others because of their sexual orientation. A widow was a widow because of something she “must have done” in her previous life, etc. The peace that we seek for Nepal is a synonym for inclusion – an open society where each and every person can live in dignity and pursue happiness and prosperity. We do not want to go back to any conflict, let alone an armed one. This book is a story of Nepal’s journey towards inclusion.

Nature has bestowed Nepal with amazing wealth in the form of the Himalayas, lush green hills, thousands of rivers and the breadbasket – the Terai. From the highest point on earth to the birth place of the Buddha; from the home of the tiger, rhino and the elephant to the deepest valleys in the world, Nepal has it all. This diversity is matched by an incredible diversity of cultures, each with their own traditional knowledge, handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. This diversity is the greatest asset of the 26.6 million Nepalis in creating a peaceful and prosperous country; Nepal and Nepalis are “more than the sum of their parts”. This book is a story of these gifted people and their land.

As you go through this book, allow your mind to open up, let your
imagination run free. Do not limit your imagination to what Nepal is,
but focus on what it can be.

The Constant Change - 12 photo stories from Nepal
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