Nepal, Something for Everyone

/ Photo: Sajana Shrestha and Amar Danuwar Rai 2016-03-16

Undoubtedly a paradise for all trekkers and adventurers, Nepal should make it to your 2016 bucket list.

While Nepal is world-renowned for its wide array of challenging mountain peaks, there is certainly more to it than just thrilling escapades for mountaineering enthusiasts. It’s a verdant nation with abundant natural beauty, although some areas, such as the overcrowded urban settlements, do taint the overall picture a bit. 

While the hardened and arduous trek to Everest base camp, and the more daring attempt the peak, it’s the relatively peaceful and serene sites that are often overlooked. Take Panch Pokhari (‘Five Lakes’), for example, which lies at the base of Jugal Himal, and is considered to be sacred. It’s a marvelous and beautiful spectacle, where five crystal clear lakes are closely positioned, resembling a dogs paw from above. We can’t forget similarly beautiful lakes like Rara and Gosainkunda, either. Quiet walks, national parks, and especially biking are equally popular among tourists, but it’s seldom well publicized. It should definitely be a must-do for many.

There’s also Nepal’s dazzling culture to indulge in. Throughout the trek or journey or adventure you embark on, you’ll always meet respectful nice people who take the time to say a “Namaste”, wave to you randomly on the streets, and offer you shelter and food. People are also quite religious and spiritual. Buddhism is deeply rooted in this country, as Lord Buddha was a Nepali, and various architecturally beautiful Buddhist shrines provide sufficient testament to Nepal’s rich culture.

Although the April earthquake that Nepal withstood was nothing short of devastating, it still wasn’t able to destroy much of our allure, which holds an exotic appeal for tourists. There are still many places to explore and see, as Nepal has a lot more to offer than it appears on the surface. From cultural diversity to various types of landscapes to scenic natural beauty, Nepal definitely has a little of something for everyone.