More than Words

Text and Photo By TAN PEI LIN 2014-06-17

Communication involves more than just spoken words. People often forget that our actions, our expressions, and our gestures sometimes convey way more than what mere words can. At the Disabled Services Association in Bungamati, run by Dayaram Maharjan, the children are limited by their disabilities - be it blindness, deafness or muteness - but they are still able to convey the same messages to their friends through signs and actions. When I arrived at the place, I was unsure about how I was to communicate with the children. But all of my uncertainties were dispelled when I was greeted by wide toothy grins and numerous hands curiously exploring my camera. Some of the girls even taught me the basics of sign language through gestures and scrawls. Though I barely spoke to the children, there was a form of unspoken understanding between all of us through our actions and gestures.