Trikaal 3: Global Waves

Music Issue 64 Jul, 2010
Text by Roshan Gurung

As the title suggests, this is the third Trikaal album, which was initiated by Navraj Gurung, Santosh Bhakta Shrestha and Sujay Shrestha. This time around the music seems to have evolved further. A great way to start the album with Ani Choying’s vocals accompanied by a guitar–neat and touching. This is a huge collaboration. Just the name of the artistes will fill half a side. Bijay Baidya on sitar, Shyam Nepali – sarangi, Santosh Bhakta Shrestha-Ishraj, Sujay Shrestha-guitar, Navraj Gurung-tabla, Salil Kanika-didgeridoo, Subin Shakya- bass, Ani Choying Dolma-vocal, Ramesh Maharjan-flute, Shanti Rayamajhi-maadal/effects, Aman Shahi-singing bowl, Nikhil Tuladhar-djembe and DJ Raju.

Trikaal stands for (if you don’t already know), “Three strands of time”. This album speaks of innovation. Yes, its fusion alright, but uncluttered, leaving room for each instrument to have its say. The guitar has a sweetness of its own. The rich tones of the flute, Ani’s superbly controlled chants, the gentle notes emanating from the sitar and sarangi, all add to a painting in sound. It has great flute solos and the unique sound of the Ishraj. It’s all very soothing, but a lot of times the flute and guitar do dominate. Well orchestrated, the overall sound is captivating. Moreover, the musical taste is diverse; from samba to the blues and Nepali folk to trance. The samba is heavily influenced by Santana while DJ Raju and pianist Upendra Lal Singh have also lent a hand.

There’s an interesting mix of genres and styles as the music blends the blues with eastern classical and jazz as well as the traditional Tamang Shelo. Samba Himalaya blends in all these and more, adding a didgeridoo and harmonica. Flute, sitar, guitar, percussions all have played a part and is wonderfully done. The music does not get overcrowded with sound. DJ Raju, besides designing the album cover has also contributed to the music in Jam Freak Street, which is naturally a dance track. The album begins on a serious note, but it gradually loosens up and ends in a mediocre, light-hearted jam. A lot has gone into this collection of tunes and it is definitely worth the time spent on it. Good listening and quite a collaboration.

CD Courtesy: Muzik Lounge, Thamel
Ph: 4266080