Adrian Pradhan. 'Ballads'

Music Issue 83 Jul, 2010
Text by Nandita Rana

A distinct vocal style characterizes Adrian Pradhan’s music. Acclaim for his career followed with ‘1974 AD’, a highly popular rock act of Nepal that was formed in 1994. Adrian is a permanent  member of the band since 1998 . He started playing music from school days, as a percussionist. After arriving in Kathmandu from his hometown in Kalimpong, Adrian tutored guitar lessons at schools like Little Angel’s and Galaxy Public School. Adrian also plays harp, writes lyrics and is a composer. His first composition was the song ‘Tyo Raat Ko’ from the album ‘Samji Baschu’ in 1998, which was a massive hit back then.

While with 1974 AD, Adrian played drums and supported vocals alongside Phiroj Shyangden. The band has garnered a huge fan base following with their unique style that bases traditional Nepali tunes with Western influences. The band has toured internationally to Hong Kong, London, India, Qatar, the USA, Australia and Germany, and successfully  conducted a popular ‘Rock Yatra’ (Rock Journey) in 2002 back home in Nepal.

Between his part in 1974 AD and his solo career, Adrian has released two solo albums ‘Aaja’ (2006) and ‘Ballads’ (2007). ‘Ballads’ is a collection of slow romantic numbers of the Nepali pop rock genre. His styles of singing and composition reflect adhunik or modern Nepali songs, initially popularized by the likes of Narayan Gopal.

The familiarity of prominent composers such as Albert Gurung and Robert Subba is dubbed in the album. With the hit  composition ‘Ma Maunta Maa’ in his credit, Robert Subba does not fail to provide his melancholic grooves to ‘Ballads’ as well. The opening song, called ‘Yesari Saanjh’, reflects the usual style of 1974 AD, then the album progresses into sentimental numbers such as ‘Jindagima’ and ‘Jindagi ta Khelauna Ho’.

After a series of slow starters the song ‘Mutu Bhari’, composed by Sohan Manandhar, provides some comparatively upbeat rhythms. ‘Shishir Jhai’, a composition of Robert Subba, is another track that adds energy to the collection. Most songs in ‘Ballads’ progress into mellow solos of guitar backed by Adrian’s vocals. An album about love, life and self-reflection, ‘Ballads’ is a collection of soulful melodies featuring well arranged compositions and lyrical flair.

Available at Tic 'n' Tok, New Road, 4228679, and at all leading music stores in Kathmandu at NRs 250