Editorial . March . 2020

Many voices, many stories

As our regular readers know, we have a lot of special issues throughout the year, which are opportunities to go deep into a topic, research it from every angle. And then we have our non-themed issues, like this one, where instead we get to revel in a panoply of subjects and fields, hear from experts and amateurs about things both simple and complex, and generally have a great time.

Our cover story features an exclusive look at the life of a former Kumari, and I hope you’ll find it as fascinating a read as I did. We move from five things to do in Thamel to a great article on plant-based diets by one of my favorite Nepali writers, Sushma Joshi, who covers the topic with her trademark wit and deep insight. Alton Byers looks back at the big dogs of the north, there’s a photo story on raxsi-making (because you know you always wanted that), and a cyclist tells of a serendipitous though challenging temple discovery in the hills of Kavresthali.

That’s not all, so keep turning the pages with us as we move from here to there—our stories tied together by the common thread of curiosity and appreciation for all that Nepal has to offer.

Do you have a story you think we should cover? Or perhaps something you’d like to contribute yourself? You can get in touch at evangeline.ecsmedia@gmail.com anytime.

Here’s hoping, as always, that this issue inspires you to try, do or learn something new—enjoy!

Evangeline Neve
Associate Editor