Editorial . July . 2019

A True Wealth of Heritage

Welcome to our heritage issue! This month we are featuring several great stories that highlight aspects of Nepal’s unique and wonderful heritage. It’s something we are always writing about, of course, as you’ve no doubt noticed that so much of what we publish is with the aim of promoting the country’s history and uniqueness, but in this issue we wanted to put it front and center. Our cover story is an insight into the traditional Newari windows and what they represent and the photos accompanying it are particularly beautiful, the kind I can look at again and again and never tire of; quite like how I feel when I am wandering the small old lanes and staring up at them in person.

Also on the heritage topic, we offer a detailed look at the rebuilding of a lesser known but amazingly lovely stupa on Swayambu Hill, something I was fascinated to learn about as I researched the article.

July 2019 is Sir Edmund Hillary’s birth centenary year, and as such we are pleased to share a piece written by Lisa Choegyal, who knew him for many years and has strong ties to his work and family.

And finally, this month I’m delighted to introduce a new regular column, Postcard from Pokhara. So much is happening in the Lake City and I’m so glad we have a writer there who’ll be sharing it with us. I hope you enjoy learning what’s new there, and it will undoubtedly add things to your to-do list for the next time you pay Pokhara a visit.  You’ll find that article in the travel section, along with others on the adventuresome Three Passes Trek and interesting foods from our southern areas.

All this, along with our regular features and more, awaits you in the pages ahead.


Evangeline Neve

Associate Editor