Editorial . June . 2019

Winds of Change


Those winds are certainly blowing round our office right now! Even as we work to get this issue to press, others on our team are busy with labor of a very different sort: dividers are being pulled down, back issues tied into bundles, furniture tugged and lugged out into the courtyard. Yes, we’re moving!


You read that right—after ten years here in our much loved offices in Kupondol, ECS Media is pulling up stakes and shifting to new digs in Basundhara; by the time you read this, that’s where you’ll find us. Some days even we find it hard to believe!


Change is not my favorite thing, I have to admit. Yet as time goes by even I have to admit that there are good things about it. One of these, as we’re learning around here, is that you’re forced to sort and purge and clean up and get rid of things that under other circumstancesmight just live on shelves and cupboards forever.


The second is the fresh perspective, both mentally and physically, that change can bring, forcing you to see things in a new way and explore areas you might have not have paid attention to before. So while there’s a part of me that is very sad to leave Patan behind, I’m eager to learn about the new stories, viewpoints and ideas we might encounter once we move across the river that we might have not focused on as much. And of course, our old neighborhood will continue to feature in these pages—there are just too many good stories over here!


As for this issue—well, it’s all about what to do and where to go if you’re looking to plan your next getaway. Whether it’s just a day trip or a full weekend away, there are plenty of ideas here to choose from: Chandragiri, Chitlang, walks in the hills or along the Bagmati, adventures on foot or on two wheels. Nepal always seems to have new secrets to share and stories to tell, and we are committed to continuing to find them and put them on the page for you.


Thank you for being faithful readers for all these years—without you, all the effort would be pointless; your readership is the end point that closes the circle and makes it all worth it. We are grateful for this, and for you, as we move into this new era for us.


Happy reading!


Evangeline Neve

Associate Editor