Editorial . March . 2019

All About Eats!

Our annual food issue is, hands down, one of my favorites, both to plan and put together. I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who spends a good part of their day thinking about food anyway—eating, planning what to eat next, discovering new restaurants, reading cookbooks, finding the perfect cut of meat and in-season vegetables, cooking—so being able to immerse myself in that during my workday, too, has been a lot of fun.

In the pages ahead, our writers delve into Nepali food traditions: chhoila, gundruk, foods from the Terai area, and the classic Patan local eatery, Honacha. We meet the French Ambassador to Nepal, who shares with us about food and their commemoration of a historic anniversary—mostly, though, we talk food.

We also dig into the history of several German-inspired businesses that have, over the years, become some of the valley’s best loved institutions, influencing the food culture in their own tasty ways. Ever wondered what beverage to pair with which meal? Our writer’s got you covered with a detailed explanation and easy cheat-sheet. Read about the locally grown superfood, chinu, and, as I did, consider getting experimental with it. And this is just a sampling—as always, there’s much more to enjoy.

Last but certainly not least, for the cover story, we here at the office compared lists of good restaurants and tasty dishes, old and new, and debated what should make our ‘things to eat now’ list. We hope that our selections will give you some ideas and inspire you to visit places you might not have tried before.

One word of warning: don’t read this issue hungry; if you are, enter at your own risk..


Evangeline Neve
Associate Editor