Editorial . February . 2019

Enjoy the Cultural Diversity of Nepal

MagheSakranti, with its color and joyous celebrations, is on our cover this month, accompanied by a detailed article and more pictures inside. It’s celebrated in many different ways by many different communities across Nepal, and these are just some of them: dive in and enjoy.

In other articles, we travel with a walking photographer to SoluKhumbu and visit monasteries, learn how chang is made in Kirtipur, discover history and meanings of ancient Nepali coins, and return once more to the web of Ganga.

Don’t miss the article about Nepal’s very own bird expert—a virtually self-taught man who is one of Nepal’s leading ornithologists. His story is fascinating and admirable.

Amongst our regular columns this week is a timely book review, and a look back at a Nepali literary legend. You can also read about what’s being done to preserve the Saurus crane in Lumbini, which is both one of their valued natural habitats and a place where these epic birds’ story mingles with religious Buddhist history. I also met some musicians who are teaming up with and learning from their traditional counterparts in a way that is both innovative and respectful to the past.

All this and more is combined in this February’s issue, which is also something of a personal milestone for me as editor: it’s two years since I’ve taken this on; this is my 24th issue. It’s been a journey of discovery and learning. and pleasure, too. Every month I learn something new, meet people who are experts in some angle of Nepal’s multi-faceted culture. This may be a small country, but it’s filled with stories—so, so many great stories. I don’t think we’ll ever tell them all, but I am grateful to and humbled by all of those who trust us with their experiences and memories. I’m also thankful for our great in-house team, as well as all those contributing writers, who each day, make this magazine what it is: a wonderful repository for Nepal’s culture, history, and uniqueness.

Enjoy the stories, and enjoy your month!

Evangeline Neve

Associate Editor