Editorial . December . 2018

Proudly Presenting: Made in Nepal

Really, that phrase alone sums it all up, and I could end this introduction right there, but it’s my job to expound on that a little, and so I will.

We all know that Nepal is a craft hub—so many wonderful things, both beautiful and functional are made within our borders, often by craftspeople continuing traditions that have been passed down for generations. Then there are those folks shaking this up with the new, and others who are somewhere in the middle, using a combination of up-to-date and ancient, often to wonderful effect.

As the articles flowed in, I was delighted—as I hope you will also be—to learn more about topis and pashmina, jewelry designers, and furniture restorers, products made of straw, and more. There’s a running thread (see what I did there?) of women who’ve become trendsetters in the craft industry, bringing their own unique designs and brands of artistic sensibility to a field that often skews heavily male.

And, don’t miss our round-up of favorite places to shop made-in-Nepal!

Winter foods that warm us, an art exhibition that you can actually go see, because it’s been organized so far ahead we can tell you about it before it happens, and a beautiful photo feature on the festival of ChhathParva round out this issue.

As always, we hope you will find something you didn’t know in its pages, and that it inspires you to do something new yourself.


Evangeline Neve

Associate Editor