Editorial . November . 2018

The Party’s not Over Yet

It’s been a great October, filled with all the things that make the holiday season special—travel, worship, delicious food, good things to drink, time spent with family and friends, kite flying, and just generally enjoying the awesome weather. And, as this yearDashain and Tihar fall in different (English calendar) months, we’re carrying on the festive celebrations into this issue as well, with articles that both look back at Dashain and ahead to Tihar. From the religious to the personal, and a bit of both, as well, the articles are must-reads, thought-provoking, and informative.

Continuing the festive trend, this issue’s photo story is about ShikaliJatra, held annually in Khokana, a place where the villagers do not celebrate Dashain even though they are Hindus. It’s a fascinating read that I particularly enjoyed, as it was about something completely new to me; I love that even after so many years in Nepal I’m still finding out about things I’ve never heard of before, and reading about it has me already making plans to attend the festival next year.

Our cover story looks at an ongoing area of concern—post-earthquake restoration. While there are some areas that are not progressing as fast as some would like, there are also success stories, the places where, slowly but surely, the temples are rising again. The article looks at several angles of heritage restoration and is well worth a read.

Then there’s adventurous canyoning, and an in-depth interview with the first photojournalist from Nepal to summit Everest. It’s filled with a lot more detail about the practicalities and challenges of climbing than you normally hear, and though you will not find me climbing Everest anytime soon, it did give me a new respect for those who take on such a quest. Another equally amazing adventure follows the path of the young man, also a photographer, whom we interviewed for July’s issue about his decision to walk the length of the Great Himalayan Trail. He’s begun his journey and sent us his first dispatch from the road, which we’ve included here, too—a great story that is evolving even as you read this.

The weather is still warm and amazing by day, but the evenings are getting chilly. Hunker down with some warming winter food and enjoy reading this issue.

Evangeline Neve

Associate Editor