Editorial . October . 2018

Booming, Growing, Changing

All you have to do is look around to see that the hospitality industry in Nepal is developing at a rapid pace. New buildings are coming up everywhere, and many old institutions have restored and renovated their spaces in order to offer even more space and services to their guests. Despite the fact that tourism only really began in Nepal in about the 1950s, it’s pretty impressive how far and fast it’s come since those early halcyon days.

Where it’s going next is also fascinating to watch.

In the process of planning and putting this special hotel issue together, we at ECS NEPAL have had the opportunity to talk to dozens of people who are active in Nepal’s hotel industry. It was tremendously inspirational to be able to ask questions of and hear from these forward-thinking, hard-working, independent-minded souls. The goals and plans they have for the country’s hospitality industry are impressive, and with this issue we take our hats off to them. They are the ones out there every day making concrete strategies for the future, and many of them have been doing this—both running their own businesses and promoting Nepal as a destination—tirelessly, for years now, through both good times and bad.

The articles in this issue of course can only represent a small slice of all that the country has to offer where the hospitality sector is concerned. It would have been humanly impossible to visit every hotel and speak to every entrepreneur. Nevertheless, we hope that the information that we have been able to gather and present in these pages will be both informative and inspirational to you, the reader, whether you’re someone who visits hotels or runs them. From Q&As, interviews, profiles and lists, there’s sure to be something here to interest everyone: these are not just business stories, they are human stories.

We hope you enjoy them.

Evangeline Neve

Associate Editor