Editorial . July . 2018

Happy 200th!

Plans for the issue you now hold in your hands began months ago when, earlier this year, we realized that July’s ECS Nepal would be our 200th issue. An amazing achievement, and one that we wanted to celebrate. We’ve decided to do it by doing what we do well: tracking down the best stories we could find and sharing them with you.

Landmarks are always a time for reflection and analysis. While we continue to modernize and update design and quality, when I page through some of those 199 issues that have come out over the past 18 years since ECS Nepal first went to print, what impresses me most is how many of the stories are still relevant and evergreen. Reading them is still a pleasure today, and many, in fact, form a kind of historical record or blueprint of the country’s culture and heritage and history. Interviews with and articles by some people who are no longer with us add to the feeling I have that these are not just words printed on paper with ink, but more than that: something that’s truly important, valuable.

I wanted this issue to celebrate and reflect that rich heritage that those of us who work at ECS today are proud to continue and be a part of.

As editor, it has been a joy to read each piece as it has come in—many from our regular, long-time writers, and others by experienced contributors specially for this issue. There are also several that touch on history and memories of the magazine itself, and those that used to work here. My sincere thanks to each and every writer whose ongoing efforts make us so good to read, the photographers whose work brings color to the pages, and our partners and advertisers who believe in us.

We are looking forward with pride and anticipation to countless issues ahead.

Evangeline Neve

Associate Editor

PS: Do you have memories of ECS Nepal? Stories you particularly enjoyed reading? We’d love to hear them at editorial@ecs.com.np