Editorial . April . 2018

Come and Celebrate the Outdoors With Us

It’s April, the weather is beautiful, the days are getting longer, the skies are (mostly) clear; it’s time to head outside!

This month we gather together a whole selection of great writing and engaging stories united by one thing: the great outdoors. People come to Nepal for all sorts of reasons, but one of the biggest is undoubtedly the natural beauty: mountains, valleys, rivers, jungles, hills, and trails. We try to touch on as many as we can.

There’s a fascinating article from a man who first came here years ago not to climb mountains but to paint them; he’s been returning ever since. We also speak with Lizzy Hawker, the elite British ultra-runner who’s set world records, climbed mountains, and recently ran across Nepal from one end to the other! Motorbikes and mountain biking are also ways of exploring and getting out into the great outdoors, and there are stories here about those, too. Go to Mustang and hang out in a village, or perhaps you’d like to follow in the footsteps of the past on the ‘guerilla trek.’ For those with less time, our writers show the way in simple day hikes to Dakshinkali and other locales just a short distance from the city. A weekend in Chitwan, which we also cover here, can be a refreshing and even enlightening getaway. You don’t have to go afar off to have an amazing experience in Nepal!

So, whether you’re a visitor or someone who calls this place home, you really have no excuse for sitting there any longer—except to finish reading this issue, of course! Because, whatever your competence or fitness level, there’s something engaging out there for you.

Let’s head outside and find it.

Evangeline Neve

Associate Editor