Editorial . November . 2017

Trekking Adventures, and a Lot More

There’s always a lot that goes into an issue of the magazine: planning, organizing, assigning, interviewing, writing, photographing, editing, designing, and more—I’m sure I’ve forgotten a step or two. It’s a ton of work, to be sure, but it’s fascinating, and when you do it right, there’s a synergy and synchronization that comes in, tying together disparate articles and sections into a cohesive whole that will be both a visual joy to flip through and a pleasure to read.

In this issue we’re highlighting some great trekking tales. Adventures large and small; from trekking in Langtang to a hike up Shivapuri hill and everything in between. Whatever your fitness or interest level, there’s something to emulate here. Our writers also tell of their trips to the beautiful Rara Lake and Manang, the articles full of photos to feast your eyes on.

And speaking of feasting, I’m always delighted to read a piece about a food item that I’ve never heard of, much less tried. Somehow I think I’m not the only one to have never tasted airkanchan. The feature on Handigaun Jatra takes us deep into a tradition and festival that has deep, old roots. We also asked some of our regular writers to tell us how they spent their Dashain holidays—the resulting essays are interesting, enlightening, and funny; I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did.

If you’re curious about or nostalgic for the way things used to be, you’ll love the stories and photos shared by Wolfgang Korn from his time here during the 1960s and 70s. We talk with Nepal’s national airline, and also get the full rundown on how to take care of yourself while traveling in Nepal from one of the country’s travel medicine experts.

What I’ve highlighted above isn’t even everything—there is more to discover as you delve into the pages ahead of you. With this issue we’re also bringing back the “Bookworm” column as a regular feature to help you pick your next read.

I’ll let you get to it. Enjoy!

Evangeline Neve

Associate Editor