Editorial . November . 2016

Time for a luxurious break

There was a time when I used to love going to parties at hotels. As a child, their magnificent interiors and exteriors plunged me into a magical world, one that made me fantasize about the luxurious comforts a princess could get. And my favorite part was the grand buffets dinners. 

Every so often, when we had gatherings or weddings, we would attend parties in these lovely hotels that made the host, who would be glowing under the elaborate sparkling lights, very proud indeed. 

When we started planning for this issue, my senior asked me, “What do you think of hotels?” I couldn’t say much more than the fact that hotels are one of the mainstays of our tourism. He, however, was of the opinion that, “hotels, besides improving tourism, are what uplifts a society; they are the ideal life that people want to believe in and want to be a part of; they are the inspiration to the classic life.” 

And they are. 

Today, hotels like Dwarika’s are a pride to all Nepalis, as they preserve our heritage within their premises. The efforts of the late Dwarika Das Shrestha to protect the ancient carved pillars of Kathmandu has been an example that many have learnt to emulate. Hotels like Soaltee, Annapurna, Yak &Yeti, Radisson, Shanker, and many more impress us with their sophisticated facilities, and the high standard of service provided by well-trained Nepali professionals. 

Recognizing their contribution and achievements, ECS NEPAL is back with a hotel issue that coincides with the Golden Jubilee of Hotel Association Nepal (HAN).  We are delighted to celebrate the journey of our great hotels that give us an oomph when saying, ‘Come and holiday in Nepal.’ 

Let the idea of holidays liberate your mind, as they are occasional days when you can sit back and relax. When you can casually slick into your chssildish pants and get crazy with life. Pamper yourself with ECS NEPAL’s luxurious holiday package. 

We hope you enjoy reading this issue. 


Srizu Bajracharya

Sub Editor