Editorial . August . 2016

Pack your Bags and Leave

Because you need to make it happen.

How often have you promised yourself a break? How often have you let out a sigh and have wanted to pack your bags and leave, to travel and experience the thrill of discovering new things, to feel alive. 
The dreams of screaming on top of tall mountains, the fantasy of sleeping under the stars, the yearning to try something different, the need to look at life from a distance, the urgency to explore and discover yourself. Traveling is for the spirit they say and it’s true. But, how often have you really gone with this whim?
This is the story of my life.And maybe yours too. I have a punctuated list of places that I want to visit before my thirties. List of places I want to have stories of, tales I can tire people with. But it’s not that easy, is it? 
“Life” is very good at keeping us busy – projects and problems hurling one after the other. Life keeps slipping in the urgency card with deadlines and appointments. But sometimes, I guess, you just need to make that choice: to leave everything behind and spend time with yourself; be a little selfish to get to know yourself. 
This issue is a celebration of such moments; we hope the stories in this collective will drive you to pack your bags and leave, to realize those travel plans that you always had in the back of your mind. If you are just looking for a short getaway- read ‘Khokhana’s famous tori-ko- tel’ to find out why the mustard town could be that place of (self) discovery. Or if you are just here for a week and don’t know where you want to be going and what you want to be doing, make your plans with ‘Travel Kathmandu and Pokhara in just one week’. But if you are looking for something more, hit the picturesque trails with our Great Himalaya Trails section. 
We hope you enjoy reading this issue, as much as we enjoyed putting it together. 

Happy Reading!