Editorial . July . 2016

Monsoon Memories 

I don’t know what it is about monsoon that attracts me the most, but the lighthearted nostalgia that it brings on upon me is priceless. 

I usually always have a list of things ready to do when its monsoon: like having monsoon-mood-uplifting food like pakoda and makkai, reading books, listening to songs, watching movies; catching up with friends, strolling in Patan, Kathmandu, or Bhaktapur Durbar Squares, spending an afternoon at Khokhana to witness the misty beauty of the green farm, or getting wet in
the rain. 

I also love to lose myself in the earthy scent rising from the ground, and listening to stories and talking to people. I find myself leaving my responsibilities for a while. Monsoon, I guess, is like that. It’s a time to romance with life.

Even my hajurma loves to muse at the rain. She drags a chair on to the terrace, to sit and watch the drizzle for hours. She talks very little these days, but I guess she has her own memories that she returns to every monsoon. 

So, what are your memories of monsoon? If you think you haven’t made enough monsoon memories, we bring you a monsoon checklist. 

If you are up for reading, ‘Books to Read through the Monsoon’ can help you with your choices. If what you want is a massage for your sore bones, then you should go to Kuti Saugal for a traditional treatment called Lep Lagauney. Learn more about it in our story, ‘Living in Mystique’. If you want to experience adventure in the monsoon, ‘Wet Adventures’ can tell you how. 

Happy Monsoon!