Editorial . June . 2016

Bholi Garchu

The little things in life, always, eventually turn into bigger things.

Think about it, this can actually be anything. It could be the water dripping from your sink tap, or a torn shoe that you hadn’t bothered to stitch in time; an easy assignment that you had been postponing to pamper yourself in the meantime; the clutch of your bike that you hadn’t fixed; the wrappers of the chocolate you had not thrown away; the spark plug that you didn’t take the time to change: the paper cups and plates that you had left behind after finishing your meal in Basantpur, maybe; the mail you hadn’t checked; the people you had left behind in the busy-ness of your life; the colors of life; the forgotten youth; the festivals you have missed; the conversations that you didn’t entertain.

What has it been for you? No matter what these little things are, they chase you a long way in the long run. They will disrupt your life slowly, and over time, they will flood you with problems.

This issue of ECS NEPAL is all about the forgotten little things that have gradually become a great problem. It is a collective of the little things that have inculcated in us the culture of ‘Bholi garchu!’ (Will do tomorrow), which we must eventually quit even if we have to slug through it. 

In our cover story, Calling 101, we talk about the forgotten priority of the government towards the firefighters of Nepal. In our feature story, Bagmati Woes, we acknowledge the ignorance that has led Bagmati to be the way it is today. 

The little things in our lives, of course, doesn’t always have to be the negatives, it can very much be the forgotten nostalgia or the disregarded whims. In our photo story, Walah Walah Walah!,  we document the age old, 12-year Swet Ajima Jatra of Nardevi and the Kathmandu people that resumed after a long hiatus of 35 years.

As humans, we err, but it is important that we learn from our failings. It’s essential for us to find time for the little things in our lives, or at least start at it before the little things weigh our lives down.

Srizu Bajracharya