Editorial . June . 2014

Unsung Heroes

The tragic Everest accident that took place last month left all of us devastated. But little is known about organizations working to bring change and help mountaineers travel safely. One of them is Himalayan Rescue Organization (HRA), on its 41st year now. Their story in this issue shows what exactly happens in the spring season and how these unsung heroes help trekkers fulfill their dreams. We also have a story on the changing role of 21-time Everest summiteer Apa Sherpa and Dr. Harshwanti Bisht who was recently awarded The Sir Edmund Hillary Mountain Legacy Medal Award.
Our story on Dhulikhel hopes to help you discover the place in a different way, while the Ridi Bazaar feature will let you join a local celebration.  

This issue of ECS NEPAL like every other issues will hopefully inspire you to get to know Nepal better and help you make your life more Nepali. Happy reading.

The ECS NEPAL team