Editorial . April . 2014


Studying at Godavari, one thing I loved doing was spending a lot of time in the spacious library flipping through copies of National Geographic and soaking in the amazing images from all over the world and reading about fascinating people and places. Once in a while there was a story on Nepal. Many years later when we lived in Washington DC, I went to National Geographic and bought all those back issues. This passion is probably what led me to join ECS NEPAL and be part of the team that helped bring stories and images of Nepal month after month. In this issue, we have a story on Godavari school.

With about half a million young men leaving Nepal each year to find new and better economic opportunities abroad, the Nepali hills and mountains are now being managed by women. In this issue you will enjoy a closer look at the relationship between women and mountains. Talking of mountains, Nepal’s unique network of Buddhist monasteries is now attracting many who seek peace of the mind and heart. The number of people across the world seeking refuge in the Buddha is growing and Nepal seems to be a logical place to start. In this issue of ECS NEPAL, we also have a story on Bhaktapur, a historical cultural city that has done very well for itself by preserving its rich tangible and intangible heritage.

Maps are still one of the most important tools to travel with. They tell us so much about the places we are going to and helps us plan and pack accordingly. We have a close look at maps. The idea of taking a bus or any public transport in Nepal or any unknown city can be daunting. We hope our article will help you better understand them. We also have all the columns that are a regular feature of ECS NEPAL. Whatever you are doing in the coming month, make sure you have set aside some time for the Nepali way.